posted on 06 Feb 2012
java rhq xmpp scripting

I watched the great demo of the XMPP server plugin for RHQ from Rafael Chies. Rafael is using a custom DSL to query the RHQ server for information but I thought that that really shouldn’t be necessary - it should be possible to use an ordinary CLI session behind this. Granted - the "query language" of our remote API is more complicated than the simple DSL Rafael is using but at the same time, the API we use in the CLI is much more feature rich and I wouldn’t have to reimplement any of it if I was able to "blend" the CLI session with the XMPP chat.

So I forked Rafale’s code on github and went off to work. During the course of reimplementing Rafael’s code I discovered 2 bugs in RHQ itself (BZ 786106 and BZ 786194) which I fixed immediately (well, it took me a couple of hours to figure out what the hell was going on there ;) ). After that, it wasn’t really that hard to integrate XMPP and the CLI’s script engine and here’s a short video to prove that it actually works :-) :

RHQ CLI over XMPP on Vimeo.

For the interested, all the important code is included in this class.